Style : DEATH OLD SCHOOL, and thrash in some songs

Country : FRANCE

Musical Influence : Morbid Angel, Kreator, Slayer,
Obituary, Deicide and much more !

The AUTARKEON death old school also borrows from other extreme metal currents.
In 2011, AUTARKEON has self-produced a demo of 6 tracks (removed).
2013 marks AUTARKEON’s renewal with the acquisition of a new sound – improving Spike’s skills through interaction with Fred Uniwëria Zëkt (MATARIFé).
2014: The album Eternel Conflit, 8 tracks.
2016 : The album La Grande Menace, 9 tracks.
In 2017-2018 : A third album in preparation.

Group members, instruments and roles :
Haskel: Singing, guitars, bass. Drums via Logic Pro.
Spike: Sound engineer. Video editing.